Lawn mower

The lawn mower is the ideal implement for mowing lawns in green areas, public and private parks, gardens and sports grounds.
The following versions are available: 56 cm single-blade or 100 cm with two blades. Both can be used either with a grass catcher or side discharge without collection.
They are equipped with oil-bath gears and a sturdy steel structure ensuring a long life over time. Front wheels favour manoeuvrability.
The cutting height is adjustable easily and quickly through the dedicated lever.
The 100-cm lawn mower has two pivoting blades installed on blade-holder discs to reduce damage in case of shocks against stones, tree stumps and other hard surfaces as far as possible.


– Cutting width: 56 cm (single blade) – 100 cm (with two blades)– Minimum power required*: 3.6 kW (56-cm single-blade lawn mower. For balancing purposes, the installation on machines having a diesel engine is not recommended) – 7.5 kW (100-cm two blades lawn mower)– Transmission: with gears in oil bath – Anti-dragging free wheel (for 100-cm two blades lawn mower only) and automatic blade brake, according to EN 12733 standard– Blade-holder discs developed to reduce as far as possible damage due to the light shocks, thanks to pivoting blades (for 100-cm two blades lawn mower only) – Adjustable front wheels on forks for the horizontal adjustment of the cutting mechanism (for 100-cm two blades lawn mower only)– Cutting height: the blade to ground clearance can be adjusted through a suitable lever. Depending on the position of front wheels, the following cutting heights can be obtained: from 5 to 8 cm – from 7.5 to 10.5 cm – from 10 to 13 cm  (for 100-cm two blades lawn mower only)– Grass catcher: capacity 60 l (56-cm single-blade lawn mower) – 160 l (for 100-cm two-blades lawn mower)


– 56-cm single-blade lawn mower:  Width 640 mm – Weight 32 kg– 100-cm two blades lawn mower:  Width 1020 mm – Weight 91 kg

* data are approximate and refer to standard working conditions