Ridger Ridge 2

The dynamic ridger, Ridge 2, is the ideal implement for ridging inter-row crops or for clearing weeds from the ridge and achieving improved permeability of the soil
The ridger is different from a rotary hoe and generally works on previously tilled fields.
Drive is sent to the blades through shafts and gears, in high-resistance steel, operating in oil bath.
Both working depth (through the front gauge wheel) and working width (through ridge upper wings) can be adjusted.
In case of very wide inter-row spacings, the ridging width can be increases by adding a pair of extensions available as an accessory.
A 30-kg ballast kit is available as an option and it can be applied on the implement; it is useful to counterbalance the ridger when it is used on machines with diesel engine.


– Plant inter-row spacing: 90 cm (standard) – 130 cm (with extensions)– Minimum power required: 5.5 kW– Drive: with gears in oil bath– Working depth: adjustable through the front gauge wheel– Working width: adjustable through the upper wings– Optional accessories: pair of extensions, 30-kg ballast


Width 750 mm – Weight 60 kg