Rotary hoe

The rotary hoe is the specific attachment for working the soil in preparation for seeding, for burying vegetable residues, eliminating weeds or for weeding between rows in vegetable crops and floriculture. 
It is available in size 46 cm with fixed cover or 52, 66, 80, 85 and 85L cm with adjustable cover; its structure is sturdy and reliable and no routine maintenance is required.
The tilling depth can be changed by adjusting the central knife, easily and safely, through the suitable lever (not available for 46-cm model).
An optional rotary hoe travel wheel can be fitted, which comes in handy when transferring the two-wheel tractor because by keeping the rotary hoe lifted off the ground, moving it becomes easier and less arduous.


– Working width: 46 – 52 – 66 – 80 – 85 cm– Minimum power required: 3.5 kW (46 cm) – 4.5 kW (52 cm) – 5.5 kW (66 cm) – 7.5 kW (80 cm) – 8 kW (85 cm)– Transmission: with gears in oil bath– Working depth: adjustable through the suitable lever which operates the central knife (not available for 46-cm model)– Safety guard for operator’s safety– Optional: travel wheel, adjustable ridger (behind rotary hoe), Precision Depth Roller


– Rotary hoe 46 cm:  Width 460 mm – Weight 24 kg– Rotary hoe 52 cm:  Width 520 mm – Weight 34 kg– Rotary hoe 66 cm:  Width 660 mm – Weight 38 kg– Rotary hoe 80 cm:  Width 800 mm – Weight 42 kg– Rotary hoe 85L cm:  Width 850 mm – Weight 64 kg– Rotary hoe 85 cm:  Width 850 mm – Weight 81 kg


The tilling width of the rotary hoe can be adjusted by changing the numbers of knives and the width of the cover. The possible combinations are:– 52-cm rotary hoe extensible to 66 cm– 66-cm rotary hoe reducible to 52 cm– 80-cm rotary hoe reducible to 66 cm– 85-cm rotary hoe extensible to 100 cm
The 46-cm rotary hoe has no adjustment of the tilling width.